Age: 48
Gender: Female
State: VIC
Employment: Part Time
Pet/s: Cat
Location: VIC
Mortgage Amount: $400k - $600k
Property Type: Townhouse
About You: Hi I am a mother of 4 kids working a part time job which I’m trying to make full time. I have wanted to buy a house ever since I can remember but life circumstances haven’t given me the opportunity, even with all these schemes around unless you have a fantastic income it’s impossible. I have tried everything to get a loan to just buy the cheapest house I can find but always get the same reply my annual income is too low. So here I am wanting to buy a house with someone that just would like a investment and you would know that when we buy it together I would look after it so well because I would be part owner. I would also pay rent so you would not be losing any money everything will be fair and legal. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.
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