Age: 39
Gender: Male
State: WA
Employment: Full Time
Pet/s: Cat
Location: WA
Mortgage Amount: 0-$200k
Property Type: Apartment
About You: Hi, name is Tim. I am 39 years of age. I work full time in my own business, that I built from scratch. I am single, never married, don’t have any kids (unfortunately, as I always wanted a family). My Business initially was in Digital Marketing. However, my background is in health care, with over 15 years having worked as an Enrolled Nurse. My business is currently in registration phase with NDIS. This has been a very sllloooowwww process, as are most things with NDiS. I am currently in audit stage 2, so hopefully not long to go now. I provide residential care for client's in their home, and also stay at their home, so there would be days where we may not see a lot of one and other. I am always able to be contacted by phone though 24/7, as is a requirement of my business. I’m not a fan of gardening. By not a fan, I mean, I walk outside, and the allergies start, just looking at those pretty plants. I would be after something easy maintenance, and would likely get a gardener to maintain. I am easy going, and very patient, placid, level headed. I seldom ever drink alcohol, and never take drugs. Not really sure what else to write. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact. Thanks. Have a lovely day!
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